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Eduemore was founded by Ceylon Accenture Holding (Pvt) Ltd, with a vision of creating a learning environment that provokes comprehensive, continuous, and enjoyable learning experience. We help our students, our instructors and each other to be the best they can be, welcoming anyone to our community.

Eduemore broadly encompasses methods of teaching that shift the main focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. These student-centric learning methods aim to place the responsibility for the learning process in the hands of students by establishing their independence. This will be achieved by communicating both the required level of proficiency and the basis of measuring the progress of subject matters learned by them. This may further help students enhance the skills required for independent problem-solving and lifelong learning.

"Our instructors strive to create an atmosphere that generates autonomous student learning by bringing you the best knowledge-rich content. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and they are becoming more of a support person who guides students' progress and learning. "

" We believe that anyone anywhere has the opportunity to get their knowledge and skills improved through our online learning resources and tools."

At Eduemore, We empower:

Students to
  • Grab new knowledge and skills
  • Make learning process enjoyable and flexible
  • Actively engage with the learnings
Teachers to
  • Share knowledge while learning new skills
  • Pursue their interests
  • Embrace and drive change
Community to
  • Be innovative to transform the education
  • Make an impact on lives
  • Create student-centric learning culture

Our Values


We sustain the highest standards of integrity in all of our activities.


We provide premium value to our students and relentlessly pursue excellence.

Growth and Learning

We value our community, encourage their learning & progression and reward their performance.

Commitment towards stakeholders

We think and act in a way that makes a positive impact on our stakeholders' lives and community.


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